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September 17, 2011

The 13 Nights of Halloween Festival!

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The 13 Nights of Halloween is a 13 day (and night) festival centered on Halloween activities organized by the non profit 501(c)(3) organization the Culture Shock Community Project. It includes a variety of events, majority of which are free, for all age ranges. From pumpkin carving to Thriller dancing, roller derby to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, ghost stories to zombie mobs, the 13 Nights of Halloween has something for everyone!


The festival kicks off on October 19th with the Zombie Mob at the State Capitol Building and runs through until October 31st. Last year, our kick-off boasted of approximately 200 zombies, our Thriller dance had over 50 dancers and hundreds of viewers, and our Rocky Horror Picture Show sold out, twice! They will be reviving these events again this year, plus adding a number of new and exciting experiences including local roller derby, letterboxing, and a dodge ball tournament.  Willamette Photo Booths will be at the Kick Off Event at Clockworks Cafe on October 19th!


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